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This is a question from an exercise book that I'm currently working through, to rearrange the given words into the correct order. I believe the format is along the lines of "The person who was [doing a thing] is [a specific person]", but I'm not sure because I'm not too familiar with this construct.

The words are:

张先生 男朋友 卖 妹妹 书 那个人 的 是 的

I believe the correct order should be:


Is this correct?


So far two submissions, but no confirmation. Any native speakers like to weigh in?

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As a native speaker, I agree with your order. Any other orders in the submissions need extra characters (like 给) to make the sentences solid. –  coolcfan Mar 1 '12 at 2:19
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I agree with your answer - it makes sense and reads well. I'm a native speaker, btw.

Although 张先生是卖书那个人的妹妹的男朋友 works too, I still prefer your order :)

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I'm not a native speaker, but personally I would say it this way (slightly different from what was already suggested if the meaning is to be "Mr. Zhang is the person who sells (or sold) books to little sister's boyfriend."):


So that would be a good reply to the question "Who is Mr. Zhang?"

I like the composition of your original 卖书的那个人是张先生妹妹的男朋友 but it has a very different meaning: "The person who sells (sold) books is Mr. Zhang's little sister's boyfriend".

So that would be a good reply to the question "Who sells (sold) books?" although the 卖书的那个人是 could be left out entirely from the answer.

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Note that 给 is NOT one of the op's words. –  Jon Feb 28 '12 at 16:56
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Mr. Zhang is that man who sells books to his sister's boyfriend.

Alrhough “张先生是卖给妹妹的男朋友书的那个人“ (note the character 给) would seem to fit Chinese grammar better.

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I am not downvoting because I am not a native speaker, but this seems totally incorrect. I support Phil's original guess. –  Jon Feb 28 '12 at 15:52
@Jon Without 给 this sentence can have two meanings -- the first can be the one in the answer, the other can be Mr. Zhang is the man who sells sister's boyfriend's books. –  coolcfan Mar 1 '12 at 2:17
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