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When I was in China I bought some writing books for practicing Chinese handwriting. This is good but have 2 disadvantages.

  1. Size of cell is too big for brush and too small for roller pen. Must be for some fat marker.
  2. Characters themselves are not the ones I am learning and interested in.

So my solution is — Web service — Chinese Characters sheets generator.

  • You choose your favorite font (some nice classics).
  • Select size - roller, marker, brush.
  • Type in characters to learn.
  • Press 'process' - you get PDF page with cells and first cell has your character with pinyin.

My question is: are there any such tools so I do not have to reinvent bicycle?

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One such website is: http://www.hanzigrids.com

Another website is http://cop.yes-chinese.com/hanban/tzg/ but it has less features and you can't choose your font.

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There are a lot of grids available Hanzi Practice Sheets II and a free customizable one here Hanzi Practice Sheets. There is also Arch Chinese.

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