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A reference request.

Is there any good source of the differences word choice/meaning between Taiwan and Mainland Chinese?

Not asking about Chinese Characters, but usage.

Spain have different word choice or even different words for the same thing, than in Mexico for example.

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According to An article on Chinese Government Official Website

The differences of word usage may be explained like:


To translate in English, "机车" in Mandarin means locomotive, while "机车" in Taiwan means motorcycle.

one can buy a paper-based dictionary at amazon dot cn.

两岸常用词典 两岸现代汉语常用词典

I am not sure I can post urls to a commercial site, so please perform a search by yourself on amazon dot cn with keyword: 两岸常用词典. The search had returned at least 3 results for me on 2012/09/26.

And according to the article:


one can also access Taiwan-version dictionary online or Mandarin-version dictionary online now. :)

If you try to look for "硬碟(Taiwan Usage)", it will also show you "硬盘/硬磁盘(Mandarin Usage)".

Please try it for yourself!

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Wikipedia has a pretty thorough overview of the differences:

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