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I think they both mean "to go" -- is that right?

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Please provide more context or show research effort, otherwise this is a dictionary lookup question, which is not a good question. Generally, 去 means 'go' as opposed to 'come'. 走 means 'go' as opposed to 'stop'. – NS.X. Jul 14 '13 at 23:31
Alan, welcome to Chinese.SE. For future reference, please provide more context and/or steps you've taken to solve your question before asking it. – Growler Jul 15 '13 at 0:57
This question is off-topic because it is a general reference question and doesn't clearly state where you are having difficulty understanding the difference between these two words. – xiaohouzi79 Jul 15 '13 at 23:23 provides great explanations on usage, etymology, and other aspects that will help you break down each character so you can understand the differences.


To go somewhere

我去海边 (Wǒ qù hǎibiān) I'm going to the beach (with no description of how you're getting there... are you walking (走路)? are you driving (开车)? are you running (跑步)?)


To walk, to run, to move (vehicles), to leave

我走到海边去了 (Wǒ zǒu dào hǎibiān qùle) I walked to the beach (where 走 specifies you walked there, paired with 到 to represent the destination)

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去 means that you want to go to somewhere which is your aim. 走 It's just a kind of way to go to somewhere,you can walk(走),run,take a plane to it.

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