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What dictionaries are available that contain separate illustrations for most of the terms? I would prefer something in online or digital format.

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I found two but they are to be purchased and not free.

  1. McGraw-Hill's Chinese Illustrated Dictionary: 1,500 Essential Words in Chinese Script and Pinyin lay the foundation of your language learning;
  2. Illustrated Chinese-English Dictionary.
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The total number of words in both are very low. Are there any resources with more words? – Village Dec 26 '11 at 6:42 has images for many of its entries (not the majority by any means, but most common nouns have images). There's also a 'theme words' section where all of the entries have images, categorised by subject (e.g. food, sports, clothing etc)

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The Yale Picture Dictionary has a version for Chinese. This is a small dictionary for learners. It has basic words organized into categories (such as colours, animals, etc.). This is a dictionary to find new words to learn, not a dictionary to look up things in.

I have not used the Chinese version much (yet!), but I did use the Greek version extensively in the past and found it quite useful as a beginner. It is designed in a way so you can also use it in a similar way to flashcards ("do I remember what to call this thing in this picture")?

There is a similar illustrated vocabulary collection at, just suggested to me by a friend. I have not used this (yet).

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