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I saw a single row of characters with no punctuation. 忠美聖愛仁義利義好哀恕

Zhongmei might be loyalty.

Sheng-ai is probably love between humans and gods.

Ren-yi is compassion.

Li might be benefit.

I can't even figure out the boundaries of the words, much less the grammar. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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I would attempt to break it up as follows:
忠美圣  爱  仁义  利义  好哀恕

And from there we have something like:
The honest and virtuous sage loves benevolence, righteousness, morality, and justice [and here is where I am somewhat uncertain because of the many possible readings of 好] and readily sympathizes with and forgives others.

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I think there may be a character missing. Like: 忠美圣 爱仁义 X利义 好哀恕

Or 利 might be 礼, like 忠美圣 爱仁义礼义 好哀恕

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