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When you make an agreement with someone, how do you say, both formally and informally, "it's a deal."?

Like, formally "Do you agree to the contract?" "Yes. It's a deal."

Informally, "I'll make you food if you teach me Chinese." "Fine. It's a deal!"


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不见不散 is often used if you are making an appointment, especially for a dinner. 一言爲定 is more formal, and one may prefer 就这么定了 in oral conversation.

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Oops, just remembered.

一言为定。 Yī yán wéi dìng

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I agree with “一言为定”, also you can say "成交"

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My additions:

You can also say 不见不散 when you want to have a appointment with others at some time in the future.

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