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At the bottom of a web form, you might click update, or submit. I was wondering what the Chinese word for 'submit' is, and if this is correct: 提交. Similarly, if there is a distinct word for 'update'.

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Yes. Update is 更新. – user58955 Feb 21 '14 at 20:15
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The answers are 提交 and 更新, respectively. FYI, I am a native speaker with enough knowledge of IT terminology.

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In mainland China, submit - 提交 update - 更新 clear - 清空

I'm not sure if they are used in Hongkong or Taiwan.

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For "submit", you can use:


If that's a file to be posted onto a server, please use:


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Yes, "submit" means "提交", and "update" means "更新". But I couldn't find "update" button in Twitter, Amazon and Linkedin. So that I couldn't take a screenshot. enter image description here

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