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Often when learning new words, I want to see them in context. It helps my learning process, and understanding how to properly use new vocab makes it stick in my mind that much more.

Does anyone have any good suggestions for a site where I can enter a word, and it will give good example sentences based upon that word? Nciku seems to do it for some words, but it's not super complete, so I'd love some more suggestions.

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Iciba has a good database of example sentences (and the search for the examples is better than nciku's, which is sometimes frustrating). – Stumpy Joe Pete Jun 21 '12 at 12:30
I think this is a very constructive question. Why are moderators always closing useful questions? – pixelearth Jul 23 at 5:13
Since I can't post new answers, I often use – pixelearth Jul 23 at 5:28

I think both of these sites are pretty good

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Thanks for those - off to have a play now! – Ciaocibai Jan 2 '12 at 21:13
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I don't usually answer my own questions, but I was just having a chat with a friend of mine who reminded me about Jukuu which works pretty well for what I was looking for, and has a pretty good selection of words available.


Jukuu sentence generation

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Check out Even though it's more focused in languages in general you can still find some Chinese sentences.

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Do you need English translations? If not, try the search function on Weibo ( ); it has loads of real usage examples for any word you can imagine

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Apart from as shown above I would suggest checking out the recently compiled Leiden Weibo Corpus for colloquial online usages of terms.

Then there's also Bing's Chinese dictionary (originally called Engkoo) which is also good.

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In my studies and work I found that and have the most accurate and useful translations. When all else fails, try using a google news search with the word or word phrase in parentheses.

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