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There are many resources documenting the most common words for Mandarin, but none for Cantonese. Is there a list of the most common 500/1000/2000 words in Cantonese? Thanks!

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I am working on some tiny SMT project at the moment and I was looking for this too, the only one I could find is this word list from this corpus of mid-20th century Hong Kong Cantonese, It might not be great if you are using them for learning Chinese, as it's mid-20 century's.

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Here is one ::::::::::::::广东话常用语对照表

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Had a look at the list, purely out of curiosity...I had no idea 炒鱿鱼 was cantonese and 开OT for 加班 is pretty awesome (like: start the over time - as in start the overtime pay) – user3306356 Apr 17 '14 at 11:36

Try the following websites:

and cross-check the results with the ancient meaning of the characters by:

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You can also turn Mandarin lists (of characters) into Cantonese aids by using CantoFish for Firefox. It will also give you Pinyun / Jyutping for the 360 doc mentioned above.

Also, using the characters you can check forvo for audio files.

I have two article that can help out:

1) 7 tips for learning Cantonese Fast 2) The most common words in Cantonese - how to for the suggestion above.

Hope it helps!

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