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could please someine help me making sense of the following two hanzi characters 与世?

Literally it would mean "and the world" but for me it does not fit into the following idioms :

与世无争 yǔ shì wú zhēng to stand aloof from worldly affairs 与世长辞 yǔ shì cháng cí to die

与世永别 yǔ shì yǒng bié to die

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与 would mean "with" here, like 跟, to connect a noun.

与世无争 would then mean "not strife with the world", to keep a low profile, to lead a life in moderation and self-restraint.

与世长辞 is likewise a statement of a person and the world, namley that of taking a long farewell from the world, to leave this word, or less prosaic: to die. 长 here has the notion of 长久, for a very long time, or forever, like in the famous poem 但愿人长久.

与世永别 is similarly to part forever from the world.

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This helpes me , thank You very much! – user137313 May 8 '14 at 6:40
Nice explanation! +1 – user4086 May 11 '14 at 4:43

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