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In Chinese there is a 感叹词:"坏了", means something went unexpected wrong. Example:


What are the common English expressions that can express that "astonishing strike"?

UPDATE: Thanks everyone for your answer. To foster participation, I'll make my pick a week later.

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What about:

  • "Shoot!"
    • "Shoot; it's raining."
    • "Shoot; I forgot to bring my phone."
    • "Shoot; I'm late."
  • "Darn."
    • "Darn, it's raining."
    • "Darn! I forgot to bring my phone."
    • "Darn; I'm late."
  • "Oh no."
    • "Oh no, it's raining."
    • "Oh no. I forgot to bring my phone."
    • "Oh no; I'm late."

To emphasize that "astonishing strike," perhaps something like

"Shoot, shoot, shoot! Darn it! I forgot to bring my phone!"


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Thanks. I've also found "Oh snap!", but don't know how widely it is used. Also, I've heard saying "Oh bummer!" (hope I've picked the correct word). – xpt May 16 '14 at 2:56

I am native speaker of Chinese. I guess "oh, no", "gosh", or "too bad" are OK.

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These are pretty colloquial.

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