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How can I say my patience is wearing thin or my patience is running out.

I guess if I were to translate it, I'd say


That doesn't seem right

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我快没耐心了 or 我等不及了

Hope it helps.

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You can choose to use the following sentences, which sounds more Chinese:

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You would say:




BTW, your sentence "我的耐心越来越少" is also a right answer.

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我快要生气了,literally means I'm almost angry. This is particularly said by a mom when she is losing patience with her kids.

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There's a idiom which can be translated to "I can't wait":

我迫不及待。 (wo po bu ji dai)


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my suggestion will be ..我的耐心快被磨尽了[my patience is wearing thin],

i hope it helps.. if wrong please correct me.

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我快没耐心了 this is one correct answer.

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