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Wondering where to put a time frequency word in a Chinese sentence?

Which one of the following sentences is correct?

我每个星期去四次大学 or 我每个星期去大学四次?


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Both are correct.

You can say 我每个星期去四次大学 or 我每个星期去大学四次.

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the former sounds weird. it roughly translates to "I go four times to university every week". while the latter feels more natural, "I go to university four times a week".

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Agree. The latter one is more natural, though the former one is also acceptable in spoken language. – Stan Jun 3 '14 at 16:29

All are right but means a little different.

If you want to stress going to college, you may use the 1st one. If you want to stress 4 times, you should use the 2nd one.

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Both of the sentences are correct and they have the same meaning.


In "我每个星期去四次大学", "university" sounds less important to you, just like "我每天去六次厕所 (I go to toilet six times a day)".

"我每个星期去大学四次" emphasises on the number of times you go to university. "University" sounds more important in this case.

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我 每个星期 去 四次 大学


我 每个星期 去 大学 四次

Both sentences are OK in modern Chinese. I myself prefer the latter.

In fact, the word order in Chinese is not that strict. So, the above example sentence can also be as follows:

每个星期 我 去 大学 四次

每个星期 我 去 四次 大学

大学 每个星期 我 去 四次

我 去 大学 每个星期 四次

我 去 大学 四次 每个星期

每个星期 四次 我 去 大学

Perhaps there are more possible combinations.

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