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i have translated these 5 sentences with help of google translator is these are correct?

Hello from XYZ! {0} Your verification code is {1}                       = 你好从XYZ! {0}您的验证码是 {1}。
This link of your XYZ Account, click on this link to confirm your email = 这 链接 您 XYZ 帐户, 点击 上 这 链接 至 确认 您的电子邮件.
Your new password is {0}                                                = 您的新密码是{0}
confirm your email                                                      = 确认您的电子邮件
No Reply                                                                = 无回复
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No reply => Don't reply? –  Stan Jun 27 at 11:38
I believe I've seen in Microsoft's software translation guide which says you should always prefer “你” to “您”. At least you should use one single form among all places. –  Wang Dingwei 2 days ago

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  1. 来自XYZ的问候! {0}您的验证码是 {1}。
  2. 这是您的 XYZ 账户链接, 点击此链接确认您的邮箱。

No problem remaining

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"确认您的邮箱" might be better for the accordance. –  songyuanyao Jun 27 at 13:21
@songyuanyao in place of what? –  Govind Singh Nagarkoti Jun 28 at 12:30

= 你好从XYZ!

the above translation is too wired.... the right translation is "来自XYZ的问候!"

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