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Problem: I need to find and compile a list of separable verbs/离合词. Searching the internet I have managed to collect a list of 65 verbs which of course is not enough.

Separable verbs/离合词 are:


Question: Do you know a resource that provides a list of such verbs?

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I don't think it helps much even when you have this list on hand, because it is very hard to memorize the list. Do you also need a list of all nouns, a list of all verbs, etc.? No, you don't need those lists. My suggestion is that you look up a new verb and most dictionaries will tell you if it is separable verb or not. You can also pay attention to how other people use verbs. E.g. you know 睡觉 already, and if you hear someone says 睡一觉, then you know 睡觉 is a separable verb. You will collect those verbs over time. –  孤影萍踪 Jul 15 '14 at 16:59
Actually, the verbs you listed are not pure verbs, they are phrases consisting of verb + noun. I would say most of this kind of phrases are separable, meaning you can put additional stuff in between. For pure verbs, I don't think we can add any stuff in between, like 参加, 运动, 演出, 歌唱, 朗诵, 抄写, 支付, 羡慕, and a lot others. –  孤影萍踪 Jul 15 '14 at 17:06
I think this is a valid question if you're looking to programmatically processing for the language, however, if you're learning the language yourself, you should take @孤影萍踪's advice. –  NS.X. Jul 20 '14 at 20:37

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According to Modern Chinese Dictionary(5th), there are 3400 separable words in chinese. You sure you want to get a list of them? See the definition from Chinese wiki reference:

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