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I'm interested to see if there is a translation for "catch a plane". I know that 赶不上飞机 is an expression - but could you say

"今天我有很多事。 最要紧的是赶上飞机“

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It sounds very natural to me. – Stan Aug 12 '14 at 3:14
Maybe you can try 接住飞机... :D – user3306356 Aug 12 '14 at 5:10
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赶飞机 is ok. you can also say 赶火车(train) or 赶车(car/bus) or 赶地铁(subway)

赶上飞机 is also correct, but it's long and a little bit strange in speaking.

you can say 今天我事情很多,还要赶飞机

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"To catch a plane" is being ready/in position to board a plane on time. I would say 赶上飞机 implies you're rushing to do so. Although it works fine normally, such as in your example sentence, it might sound a bit weird when you have plenty of time.

A more generic equivalent would be something like 搭飞机 or 准时搭上飞机.

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