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I've been studying Chinese for about 9 months now and I am a little confused as to how to rewrite this sentence using the 连。。。。都 structure. I've included what I've done but it just does not seem right. Any help would be great!



他在北京住了半年多了, 连去过故宫都没有 correct?

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他在北京住了半年多了, 连故宫都没有去过。

or omit 有

他在北京住了半年多了, 连故宫都没去过。

other examples



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The more smooth way is:
他在北京半年多了,连 故宫 都 没有去过?
连 in this sentence could be omited, but 都 could not be omited if you want to stress your surprise.

Some examples:

  1. 这孩子挑食, (连)鸡蛋也不吃.
    The child is particular about food, he doesn't even eat eggs.
  2. 你(连)看见血都要头晕,怎么能当外科大夫呢?
    You faint at the sight of blood, how could you become a surgeon?
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