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I started a web site to collect and help differentiate similar-looking Chinese characters: HorizontalHanzi.com You can either search for a character to view a list of similar ones (e.g. search for 主 and get 王, 玉, 壬) or just browse the database. Lists show the characters placed side-by-side for easy comparison as well as definition breakdowns and links to ...


without invoking any undesired connotations is the purpose of this question, right? In other words, the student wants to avoid 暧昧, please see the Q&A How to translate "暧昧" into English? for further explanation of 暧昧. Now, the answers for your questions, Is it possible for him to address her in emails as 亲爱的[Surname]老师 Don't use 亲爱的 ...


I think 敬爱的X老师 is good. 亲爱的 is mostly used to family member in China. 敬爱的 means 受人尊敬和喜爱的 and it is good for teacher and professor.


In terms of the individual 漢字 (characters), there's the classic 說文解字 (Shuowen Jiezi) written in the 1st to 2nd century AD, which is the first and the most authoritative Chinese dictionary to attempt to trace the origin and evolution of each character. An online version is available here, or ZDict as mentioned above also contains the Shuowen entry. The ...

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