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「我病了。」 can be a subtle expression which implies different meaning based its context. It can mean, but may not be limited to, these: Present status that I'm not so well. Past status that I was ill. Completive sense that I've been ill for a while. 「病」 the word is a common one, which can imply from a minor ailment to a mortal blow. Again, this depends on ...


I am not a linguist. As Chinese is my first language, I can describe how I use these 2 words. 很is like English word 'very', its place in a sentence is aways before another adjective. While 得很 is more intense, and it usually follows another adjective. For example: a, 这件东西很好。b,这件东西好得很。Both sentence a and b mean 'This thing is very good.', but sentence b is ...


verb + 了 is like 'have been being' or 'have done'. example: 我吃了 means I have Eaten. 开始了 means it has started adjective + 了 is like 'have been becoming adjective' or 'have become adjective' example: 我病了means I have been becoming ill. 她红了: 'she have been becoming famous' or she have become famous' in different context.

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