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It's not a classifier here. From dictionary: 列车 lièchē (1) [train]∶众多连续的车辆。一般指火车,尤指由牵引机车和运货或载客的车厢组成的连挂成列的火车 So you can see, 列 is short for 成列的 (lined up in a row), therefore it's put before 车 as an adj.


About morphology: 列車 is a compound noun made up of two morphemes, with the head being 車. According to Chaofen Sun’s ‘Chinese: A Linguistic Introduction’ (p. 50), about 90% of compound nouns in Chinese have the head (nominal formant) on the right. Thus the structure of 列車 is not unusual at all. The morpheme on the left tells us what kind of car it is, as ...


Based on your demand, here are my picks. They're locally famous. China mainland 南方人物周刊, a featured weekly on influencing people, with some exclusive interviews. 南方周末, a weekly on politics, economics, culture, and especially recent (past week) controversial topics. 新京报, a daily with Beijing (or China) features. Founded in 2003. 财经网, a good source for ...


Another source mentioning would be The Marco Polo Project. They have a lot of articles including translations (which you probably don't need). It still has 2 main advantages over other sources: These articles are hand picked. So these are usually more interesting than the ones found on people.com.cn and the like. They put their focus in selecting articles ...


我即将去军校 is grammatically correct, but 即将 sounds too formal. Try this: 我很快就要去军校了。 I soon will go-to military-school le. Notice that I used 了 which marks the end of what I am saying. Otherwise a listener may expect that you have something more to say. There are subtle uses of 了 that may take pages to explain. If you want a formal form, 我即将去军校了 is ...


If you are interested in financial news, then: 华尔街日报中文版 (Wall Street Journal) 英国金融时报中文版 (Financial Times)


I found this post, "What popular science fiction TV shows are available with Chinese dubbing?", which provides links to various services. I am not advocating these services as most of them are illegal, however it will provide you with good information and many examples of movies and series that have been dubbed. Examples are verycd.com which now no longer ...

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