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I am a native Chinese speaker. This sentence is not ambiguous to me at all. Here the "怎么" clearly means "how" to me. But if you switch "要" and "怎么",then the sentence will be like: 我们怎么要去机场? Here "怎么" means "why". This sentence sounds to me like that you have a guest coming by train but your boss asks you to go to the airport to pick him up. Hope this ...


There are no silly questions, just pedants! On good authority I have it, that if you want to say why are we going, you will use '我们为什么去机场?‘ 或者 ‘我们为什么要去机场?’ 我们要怎么去机场。 How will we get to the airport?


The ambiguity that I see in the expression 我们要怎么去机场?is to do with what it is that the person is asking for, and normally this would be revealed in the context of the conversation. But on the basis of the text by itself, I think it still means "How do we/How are we going to get to the airport?" However, it is not so clear whether the person is wanting to ...


I think some are confused between making sentence with "怎么" and "怎么样". "怎么" should means "why" and "怎么样" should means "how". The structuring of the sentence is thus very important, else it would be a "broken sentence". 怎么我们去机场? - Why do we go to airport? 我们怎么去机场? - Might sound correct as "How do we go to the airport?" but in actual fact it ...

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