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The position of 要 is very important to understand this sentence. 我们要怎么去机场?--> We 要(will) 怎么(how) to going to the airport? -We already decided that we will go to the airport. So "怎么" can only be explained as how. 我们怎么要去机场?--> We 怎么(why) 要(will) go to the airport? -"怎么" questions the willingness of going to the airport. But when it comes to 我们怎么去机场? You ...


The ambiguity that I see in the expression 我们要怎么去机场?is to do with what it is that the person is asking for, and normally this would be revealed in the context of the conversation. But on the basis of the text by itself, I think it still means "How do we/How are we going to get to the airport?" However, it is not so clear whether the person is wanting to ...

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