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Have you had problems noticing the difference between "sheer" and "cheer", or "jeep" and "cheap"? If not, then your problem is solved. For European people, it is strongly recommended that they read articles with Pinyin (literally "Spelled Pronunciation"). Why characters are not relevant to their pronunciations? Chinese has so LONG a history that ...


別的 & 其他 are similar. EG: You can use other methods. 別的方法 / 其他方法 other methods 另外's usage is adv in english. Always use in the beginning of the sentences. 另外 in addition


别的 n 其他have the same meaning.另外,for my opinion,is something like'other than this':他除了要照顾年迈的奶奶,另外还要做许多家务。(He needs to take care of his old grand, also needs to do many housework) it have different meaning with the other two.correct me if im wrong :)

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