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Although it looks like an idiom expression (chengyu), I believe it is actually a coined phrase, specifically for the TV adaptation of the Wuxia novel (射鵰英雄傳, 1983 TVB Hongkong) you mentioned. Literally, 鐵血丹心 can translate to "Iron blood scarlet heart". There is the connotation of the conflict between love and patriotism and such, but its a bit far fetched ...


There's a modern copywriting guide for Chinese: 中文文案排版指北


When I was at university there were books that had the English version alongside the Chinese version. This was either the complete Chinese text plus the complete English version or one page Chinese one page English. However, in my own experience these are not very common. Another option is to get something which you are familiar with and then buy the ...


Kindle books in Chinese, and Clavis Sinica texts, already have pinyin and English available as electronic look-up. Both formats have a good variety of things already available. Furthermore, even a low-tech computer user like me can learn to make Kindle files, or Clavis Sinica files, from pretty much any Chinese text you find on-line. So you can use this ...

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