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LingQ has a huge library of texts that generally also include audio. You can read any of the texts you like without paying for a subscription, as long as you don't want to add unknown words to your wordlist (creating LingQs). I have not paid for a subscription and find it to be very useful. If you do want to create a wordlist of the words you don't know for ...


There are thousands of chengyu, so I think we need to narrow down what you're using this for. If it's to employ in daily usage because you are learning Mandarin and want to come across as more authentic, I would recommend looking at HSK lists as those are likely to contain the most frequently used chengyu by the majority of Mandarin speakers. There are loads ...


I can recommend a book by 馮國超. My edition is from Taiwan and is simply called 成語故事, but the mainland edition is 中華成語故事, both from 2005 and in two volumes (with illustrations.) The Taiwan publisher is 代表作國際圖書. In this book, each chengyu has a separate page. There is a small box explaining the four characters, basically restating the saying in contemporary ...


A really good site that I like: http://www.chinese-tools.com/chinese/chengyu Some of the chengyu are well detailed; others, less so. YMMV.

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