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There are two phrases in Cantonese meaning thank you and they are actually used differently. One is '多謝' and the other is '唔該'. Roughly speaking, '多謝' can be used when you receive gifts or help from others while '唔該' is used only when someone helps you but not when you receive gifts. Concerning your second question, I don't think that you should conclude ...


Chinese characters are divided into traditional Chinese and simple Chinese. Simple Chinese is used in the mainland China and traditional Chinese is used in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Before the People's Republic of China, traditional Chinese are also used in mainland China. But after the foundation of People's Republic of China, simple Chinese are set for ...


Its probably too late but try CJK Viewer, an Android app that romanizes Chinese to Cantonese. Copy and paste any Chinese text articles from the web and learn to read Cantonese through Jyutping. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.imxiaowoo.cjkviewer


Tibetan has no immediate relationship to Chinese, but there are many loan words. Most of these were introduced when Old Chinese was still dominant, namely when China became involved with Tibet from Tang and onward, with buddhist missionaries and so on. Cantonese also retains a lot of features from Old Chinese. It's a matter of geography, Tibet and ...

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