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It's not likely you'll find this in any dictionary because it's a conglomeration of four characters: 招財進寶 "attracting money and treasure". See if you can find them. Hint: there is one part that is shared by two of the characters.


From the Starbucks webpage, I figure it's 杯 /bei/, meaning "cup". Short: 小杯 /xiǎo bēi/ (small cup) Tall: 中杯 /zhōng bēi/(medium cup) Grande: 大杯 /dà bēi/ (large cup) Venti: 超大杯 /chāo dà bēi/ (extra large cup)


I can't speak for Starbucks in Hong Kong, but for all Starbucks in mainland China (including Zhongshan), as far as I know there is no Chinese translation for the cup size on the menu. (The photo is blurry but you can still see the column headers contain two rows: 1st row is Italian/English 'tall', 'grande', 'venti' and the 2nd row is capacity in ML). If ...


号 or 號, that is my guessing. Pronounced as Hao4. The left part of tradition character 號 is the simplified character 号.


If you could learn the meaning of most characters and understand them well enough to comprehend Chinese texts? Yes, you could. Chinese characters, Han4 Zi4, are just a system of signs. To remember a sign, we need to: (1) Remember its shape, in whatever way you like to. (2) Give it a name to call it, either for communication with others or talk to ...

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