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過年真清閒 = There is so much leisure time during the New Year Festival. 好事連連 = Good things happening one after another = Good fortune.


四十分钟后会被火烤 (it) will be roasted (by fire) in forty minutes 没有半个人在 there's not even half-a-person here! 咚卡咚 onomatopoeia (maybe like 'den den den' or whatever) the only correction I would make is on your 好可怕! (Awful!) I would translate this as how scary! instead...


Well this is written in traditional so... FT:過年真清閒 JT:过年真清闲 ENG: New years is very idle/leisurely/quite FT:今年一定是好事連連 JT:今年一定是好事连连 ENG: this year will definitely filled with one good thing after another nothing too regional... you didn't miss anything else.

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