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Please refer to this Variant Dictionary. They are all variants to 黃. Characters in Chinese are progressing. Different fonts and writing ways can also make characters change.


The display font maybe doesn't have these variant characters. Try using a different font


黄 Simplifed variant (Unicode point U+9ec4) 黃 Traditional variant (Unicode point U+9ec3) ⿈ Kangxi radical 201 (Unicode point U+2fc8) 𡕛 Variant character (Unicode point U+2155b) 𨝴 Variant character (Unicode point U+28774)


it says 广东名画家选集。 this is a book or picture album.there are a lot of paintings by a lot of famous artists in Guangdong。Guangdong(广东) is a place name。Guangdong(广东) Province is in southern China.sorry, my english is poor, but my mother tongue is Chinese.


It says 廣東名畫家選集 廣東 being the Chinese province Guangdong.


Chinese characters can have multiple meanings and multiple pronunciations. You figure out the intended pronunciation and meaning based on the context. In the context 睡觉 (Shuìjiào,"go to sleep"), the pronunciation is jiào and the meaning is "(a period of) sleep". In the context 感觉 (Gǎnjué, "feeling"), the pronunciation is jué and it contributes the meaning ...

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