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in top picture set of characters looks like 1st column 鹏雅, 2nd column 精瓷, always top to bottom, anyhow googling 鹏雅精瓷 yields as 1st result zhidao.baidu.com with 鹏雅精瓷酒杯 picture below more clearly looks like 鹏祥


“禁止携带易燃易爆物品” Is commonly seen on security checkpoints.


携 is widely used. For the individual 携, it is official and usually used in written language, but not in spoken language. For example, 奥巴马携妻子到... (Obama takes his wife to ...). And 携 also shows in lots of common words. For example, 携带 (carry), 携手 (hand in hand, to collaborate), 提携 (guide and support).


That is a standard character, simplified 携, meaning carry, take along, hold in hand. A common word is 携带 (carry).

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