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Well, this is what Japanese speakers do when they look at a Chinese text – they have some understanding of it since they recognize the characters. One fundamental problem, though, is that in modern Chinese, the majority of words are made up of two characters. There are two types of dictionary for Chinese, one that gives character meanings (字典) and one that ...


Before learning Cantonese, I used to read a lot of Chinese texts -- and I still do, even Mandarin texts, even though I don't speak Mandarin -- and I'd use the Korean reading of sinograms. For instance, 我是法國人 would be "아 시 법 국 인" / "a shi pǒp kuk in". So indeed I was able to read (and write) Chinese without being able to speak it... :-)


Yes you can. Arthur Waley did, and we still owe him gratitude for beginning to open western eyes to Chinese literature. But that was 100 years ago, before electronics, before air travel, and Waley was a rare genius. Also Stumpy Joe Pete is entirely right. Profoundly deaf people can learn to read Chinese. But won't you say the words to yourself somehow ...


Chinese. translation: I think this is important to me and all the Latvian people.


我下课以后常常去实习。 实习结束之后继续上课。 我的最后一节课有时下午六点结束,有时晚上八点结束。然后开始我的家庭作业。 每个星期我有至少有一次Amnesty International会议. 这是我跟我的男朋友建立(establish or join?)的一个人权组织。 如果有会议,会议结束后才开始家庭作业。 我的奖学金需要五门课,所以我每天有课。 周末,我也学习很多。 如果我有时间,星期五跟我的朋友们玩,星期天陪我的妈妈吃饭,但是经常没有时间。 的确, 我很忙,几乎没有休息。但是不管怎么说,我有这些机会还是心怀感激的。


Hope this will help. Correction 我下课以后常常去实习 ( i often go to intern-ship whenever the class is finish ). 实习以后我还有一堂课(After the inter-ship i still have a lesson). 我的最后一堂课有时会在六点钟结束,而其它天都会在八点钟结束。 (My last lesson will ended at 6 o'Clock sometimes,while others day will ended at 8 o'Clock) . 然后我就会开始做作业。(Then i will start to do my homework) . 每周至少有一天我都会有个Amnesty ...


What the two entries above said is true. An addition, however, is that the simplest version, 升, is the only one of the three that can be used as a unit of measurement of liquid. I've also seen both 升 and 昇 used in mens' names a lot, but 陞, not so much.


I believe so, but It's recommended to learn the pronunciation with it. learn the pronunciation you'll regret it if you dont


Google's Pinyin IME allows you to switch between simplified and traditional characters. https://www.google.com/intl/zh-CN/ime/pinyin/

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