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自个儿 zìgěr pronoun colloquial oneself, by oneself 不要只顾自个儿。Don’t just think about yourself. 自个儿 is the a colloquial way to say 自己. On top of my head, I couldn't see any example where they are not interchangeable. The only difference between them perhaps is just that 自己 can be used in formal context while 自个儿 is rather colloquial. ...


ABC dictionary defines it as: oneself; by oneself VARIANTS 自个儿〔自個兒〕 zìgěr 自各儿〔自各兒〕 zìgěr Basically it's the same as 自己 - it's just a regional thing. Here's what Baidu says, with some example sentences. 【自个儿】zìgěr 〈方〉自己。也作“自各儿”。 例:①不陪了,自个儿玩吧,您。 ②不要客气,就当是自个儿的家。 ③躲在门背后头吃馍馍——自个儿哄自个儿 ④你自个儿的事,我怎么好插手? ...

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