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I'm not sure how well it's implemented but you can check this out: 台湾闽南语推荐用字 台湾闽南语推荐用字 台湾闽南语推荐用字为台湾闽南语书写系统的汉字建议用字表,实施单位为中华民国教育部。 简介 台湾闽南语推荐用字于2009年9月中发布完700个字,并发布于教育部国语推行委员会(国语会)1的网站,免费供一般社会人士与学生等下载运用。 台湾官方以4年时间整理的用字,第一批闽南语推荐用字于2007年5月30日颁布,共有300字2, 2008年5月1日公布第2批100字3, ...


匈 is the ancient character of 胸, means chest/breast. And I can't find any other original meaning of it besides this. “胸”的古字 [bosom;chest] 匈,膺也。——《说文》。字亦作胷、作胸 According to the explanation of 胸, it's a later character for 匈. 从肉,匈声。本作“匈”,胸是后起字。 匈奴 is just the transliteration from the name of an ancient nationality in North China, has nothing to do ...


凶 seems to mean fierce. http://www.zdic.net/z/15/js/51F6.htm 勹 means wrap. 'wrap up something fierce' Your raging spirit??

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