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Q版主题手办-莉娜-B款 Q版 (Cute Version) 主题 (Theme) 手办 (not sure about this one, maybe manual) 莉娜 (a name: Lina) B版 (B Version)


It's not likely you'll find this in any dictionary because it's a conglomeration of four characters: 招財進寶 "attracting money and treasure". See if you can find them. Hint: there is one part that is shared by two of the characters.


If you could learn the meaning of most characters and understand them well enough to comprehend Chinese texts? Yes, you could. Chinese characters, Han4 Zi4, are just a system of signs. To remember a sign, we need to: (1) Remember its shape, in whatever way you like to. (2) Give it a name to call it, either for communication with others or talk to ...

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