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大清乾隆年制 Made in Year Qian Long of Qing dynasty. 大清 Qing dynasty. 乾隆年 Year Qian Long. 制 Made


It says "Made in China" The Chinese characters are "中国制造"


From the language laboratories here in Fangshan (ie my girlfriend): dongdong didi .......you.. da.. dudu 东东......弟弟.........有..大.....肚肚! Dong little brother has a big stomach! 肚子 = stomach 肚肚 = childrens language Dongdong is just doubled up to match didi which is 'little brother'


1st.clue:dongdong The possible common names are 东东,冬冬. No one use 东冬,or 冬东. It is weird using different characters that have same pronounciation. Since you was born in January,probably 冬冬,especialy when your family have no relation to shandong province. Shandong province 's short name is 鲁(lu3). When Chinese give baby name like this,they always use the ...


your name could be: 冬花 冬:winter 花:flowers. Shandong province 山东, 东 east,pronounced same as 冬:winter I guess, you are a girl.


I remember reading somewhere that it's a pictograph of the steam or vapor 气 coming from boiling rice 米. But here's what wiktionary says about its etymology: Original form of 餼/饩 ("to present rice as a gift"), which is from the same source as 乞 ("to endow, to beg"). Current meaning came from phonetic loan. Cognate with 愾/忾 ("anger, hatred").


I suggest just explaining the origin: 曾子曰:「吾日三省吾身:為人謀而不忠乎?與朋友交而不信乎?傳不習乎?」——《論語·學而》 The philosopher Zeng said, "I daily examine myself on three points: whether, in transacting business for others, I may have been not faithful; whether, in intercourse with friends, I may have been not sincere; whether I may have not mastered and practiced the ...


耳东陈 (er3 dong1 chen2) 反省的省 (fan3 xing3 de5 xing3) or 省察的省 (xing3 cha2 de5 xing3) 身体的身 (shen1 ti3 de5 shen1) or perhaps more adequate 捨身的身 (she3 shen1 de5 shen1) For some common surnames, watch this video.


So here's a wrap up of the comments above. 着 is a Simplified Chinese only† character, so you won't find it in Traditional Chinese dictionaries, unless they explicitly list them. See e.g. 教育部重编国语辞典. (找不到, because there is not such character in Traditional Chinese) I assume that OP uses Traditional Chinese because of the 這 used in the example sentences. † ...


I'm Chinese , I think it make no sense to spell this voice in Chinese Characters. And even if you give the spelling , I don't think I can understand what it is. Beside, don't use Chinese Characters to spell any other language's voice unless there is a usage of oral speaking in Chinese.Just write what it is and explain it in Chinese in (). Like this: ...


弗里顿 Fereydoon From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Fereydoon, Fereydoun or Ferydoon (Persian: فریدون) may refer to: Ferydoon Zandi_百度百科 姓名:弗里顿·赞迪

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