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If you use Facebook, you may know the relationship status It's complicated; the Chinese version is 一言難盡. That said, the phrase is intended be used whenever the situation is complicated, in a good way or in a bad way. On the other hand, despite its intended usage, people often use it for certain feelings or thoughts in disguise, such as when they simply do ...


Example 1: "老大,我听说你以前生意做地很好呀,怎么现在混得这么惨?" “兄弟,这件事真是一言难尽,我们找个地方喝两杯,容我慢慢跟你讲” Note: Use 一言难尽 when the situation is worse than before. From 生意做地很好 to 混得这么惨 Example 2: "老李,好多年没见你了,上次同学聚会听说在经济危机的时候,你在股市赔了一大笔钱,你后来是怎么东山再起的?" “唉,一言难尽啊,那个时候和媳妇起早贪黑批发蔬菜,打拼了好几年才把赔的钱赚回来” Note: have you found the change of situation in this example? It's pretty difficult. ...


Maybe 以子之矛,攻子之盾 is the answer, I couldn't find another alternative. Description on Baidu Baike


This is a good site for learning Chinese idioms with Chinese video stories.http://www.ichineselearning.com/learn/chinese-idioms/ And if you want Chinese tuition with online teachers, you can search iChineseLearning. Guess you will like it!

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