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A really good site that I like: http://www.chinese-tools.com/chinese/chengyu Some of the chengyu are well detailed; others, less so. YMMV.


I've been using the Duogongneng Chengyu Cidian for a while now, I'll give you two examples of what the entries look like: 鸡飞狗跳 ## 解释 形容因为恐惧而引起的非常混乱的情况。 语见 《痛史》十三回:“你看前两天那种搜索的样子,只就我们歇宿的那一家客寓,已经是闹得鸡飞狗走,鬼哭神号。" 例句 这伙少年到处惹是生非,搅得村里鸡飞狗跳。 近义 鸡犬不宁 反义 鸡犬不惊 辨析 鸡飞狗跳和鸡犬不宁,都有“惊慌混乱"的意思。鸡飞狗跳偏重于混乱得厉害,语义较重;鸡犬不宁偏重于骚扰得厉害,语义较轻。 望梅止渴 解释 ...

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