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灯笼 means lantern in the general sense, that is, a portable lighting device or mounted light fixture used to illuminate broad areas. The hot air balloon you described is 'sky lantern', which is called 天灯 (sky lantern) or 孔明灯 (Kongming Lantern) in Chinese.


You can search "蛇年祝福语" online, but most of the results are artificial and aren't as classy as the 龙 ones. If you look up for Chengyu's that contain 蛇, you'll see the majority of them are negative, due to snake's symbolic meaning in Chinese culture. Even novelists complained that it's very difficult to come up with greeting lines with 蛇. The last link ...


Just as you said 春节快乐!(chun jie kuai le, Happy Chinese New Year!) 今年是什么年? you could answer 龙年.That's OK! But 龙年 is not often used in Chinese culture nowadays.Even if in the ancient time,we use 壬辰年 to indicate the year,because there are 5个龙年 in every 60 years.However,there are also 1个壬辰年 every 60 years.So we use the 年号(emperor's symbol)to indicate the ...


to your gf, you just say, 亲爱的,在新的一年我会更爱你呀。 Honey, I will love you more in the coming new year


Hm, Chinese New Year is not just between BF and GF, all Chinese celebrate Chinese New Year. I think this is the reason why someone voted down this question, but never mind, there is something much more important. Since you asked. and there must be related with Chinese New Year, greetings, GF. I think you can say... ok, here we go. honey, ...


Traditionally, the Spring Festival starts from 23rd December (lunar month), 23rd December is also called 小年 (little Spring Festival) There is an old saying... 二十三,祭灶官;二十四,扫房子;二十五,糊窗户 (or 磨豆腐);二十六,割块肉;二十七,杀只鸡;二十八,贴gaga(嘎嘎音,意为贴春联);二十九,灌壶酒;年三十,包扁食。 Basically, it describes what people do each day from 小年 to Chinese New Year Eve (三十).


The zodiac animal should be the answer. As you know, the Gregorian calendar is widely used in China, it is hard to image one not knowing the year. So when this is asked, the answer would be the zodiac animal.

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