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以臣弑君 ”以“ means ”as“ Killing the Emperor as a minister but 王以舟去国 ”以“ means "by" or "with" The Emperor leaved his country with a boat


First, the sentence is incorrect, although your translation is correct. I don't know whether it's a typo or that you read it from an inaccurate source. But the correct version is "以臣弑君、可謂仁乎", as you can find here. Given the correct sentence, I disagree with Yang Muye here. First, “以” doesn't have a meaning equal to "but". Refer to dictionaries of ancient ...


EDIT: I didn't realize that there were typos in the quotation: The original one should be 臣 以臣弑君、可謂仁乎 呼 I suppose 臣以弑君 might be an uncommon variant, but it is still grammatical. 臣以弑君 = 以臣弑君 killing his lord as a vassal. 以 is used as a preposition “as” but the word order is reversed, making it looks like a post-position. The sentence structure is ...

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