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Only describe the number of property who owns can use 套: Tom has 3套房子 in Beijing. He want to sell one of them for operation cost.


A few classifiers: 束 shù: bundle, bouquet; 一束花 袋 dài: bag 包 bāo: package; 一包烟 副 fù: set 套 tào: set 堆 duī: pile 坨 tuó: lump 群 qún: group 组 zǔ: group, set, lineage 碗 wǎn: bowl 罐 guàn: can, jug, bottle 壶 hú: pot 家 jiā: certain group of people 管 guǎn: tube 类 lèi: collection of objects 笔 bǐ: sum of money; 一笔钱 团 tuán: ball, spherical collection 股 gǔ: gaseous or ...


in china, 房子's classifier depend on what it is using for, like I want to describe my family rooms,i will use 一套房子 if I describe my room, use 一间房子 if I describe some buildings, always 一幢房子,一栋房子, these same meaning


Conversation 1: :记得13年吗? Remember '13? :记得,那年夏天特别热 I remember, that year's summer was particularly hot. Conversation 2: :记得13年的夏天吗? Remember the summer of '13? :记得,那个夏天特别热 I remember, that summer was particularly hot.


All of them are OK to use to classify 房子, it depends on the type of house itself, which one is considered the more adequate. 幢 is preferred when speaking of large and tall buildings 栋 tends to be used to refer to buildings that are wide 座 is used for buildings that are “stable and steady", e.g. palace, temple, large mansions (mostly with public purpose) ...


in 那年夏天 那年 is an attributive (定语)modifying or restricting the noun 夏天, it seems the phrase can be expanded to 那年的夏天, 那个夏天 is without this attributive,instead the noun 夏天 is preceded by the demonstrative pronoun 那,demonstrative pronouns 这,那 like numerals according to grammar rules require measure words,but in the case of 这 and 那 are often omitted,so ...


年 is not measure word. It is noun. 那年夏天: the summer of that year 那个夏天: that summer They both refer to a specific summer, but the first one leaves the context on the year, while the second one solely focuses on the summer. To demonstrate the difference with follow-up questions: Conversation 1: 那年夏天特别热。It was extremely hot in the summer of ...

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