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□ (white square) is used to indicate that some characters are missing or unrecognizable. Each white square correspond to one such character. See 虚缺号的用法.


Generally putting XX is fine unless formal. People use that a lot orally. X is usually pronounced as 叉, but can vary based on region. Formally and also very commonly for missing name is using 某. 王某 (someone with surname 王 and one-character given name) 王某某 (someone with surname 王 and two-character given name) 某某/某某某 (very general, someone with unknown ...


Basically I think you are right, but it's a pretty complicated story. There is more than one use of 小姐, including title, term of address, and general noun. I think most of the discussion, including your comments, has been about the general noun, so I'll limit myself to that. Historically, 小姐 could indeed mean 娼妓、歌女. This use goes back to at least the Song ...


1) As @biubiubiu mentioned, the 五年高考·三年模拟 series (in the student community known as “五·三”) is an excellent and authoritative source for past gaokao exams. I don't think there are official resources including complete gaokao exams, and the typical source for students in China are non-official publications like 五·三. 2) The structure and guidelines can be ...


2015年高考真题:http://wenku.baidu.com/topic/2015gaokao_zhenti 不过需要下载分。 2015年高考真题、答案和其它资源:http://www.eol.cn/html/g/gkst/ 可以直接下载,但是需要在论坛里多找找。 历年高考作文:http://www.gaokao.com/guangdong/gdgkzw/ 另外,请善用百度站内的搜索(百度文库禁止GoogleBot访问):http://wenku.baidu.com/search?word=2015%B8%DF%BF%BC+%CA%FD%D1%A7+%BA%FE%B1%B1 附部分题目: 2015 Essay Prompt Guangdong: 2015年广东卷作文题 ...


This is correct. It is called 竖排.

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