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Primary school students use 2 text books per year. Each book is broken down into individual lessons and there is usually about 4 - 8 characters to be learnt for each lesson. At the back of each book it lists all the characters in order from each lesson which are the required characters to be learnt for that half year. The set of high school (secondary) ...


For example, you can go to Forvo.com. (You can find the Chinese section at this address; on the right you see the top users that provided most audios.) It's a huge database of words, characters, expressions in any language provided by users. The good thing is there's a lot of stuff, but the down-side is that although some users provided many audios (so you ...


I'm not an expert in CJK decomposition, but I can share some of my knowledge as a native Chinese. Both decomposition are purely structural I would say. It is suitable for computer processing (input and recognition). We also use this way to look up a character in dictionary (99% of it actually, there are exceptions). So in a broad sense they are compatible. ...


Understanding Addresses If you want to understand the structure of addresses, this Phonemica post is a good place to start. Turns out it's complicated. Roughly speaking, it's a hierarchical system working from the top down, from left to right. So, country (optional), province, prefecture level city, small town, district, etc. Unfortunately the levels are ...


In China, in different areas or different years, they use many different books. But generally, primary school student's words should be very simple or commonly used. If you Google '小学生字表', you will get many results with the sort of information that you are looking for.


mdbg.net Each of the words you look up in the dictionary there comes complete with an audio recording.


Another web site is http://www.iciba.com where you can find not only the pronunciation of Chinese characters and words, but also their meaning in English and Chinese. Update This site has real person readings, but unfortunately the site is totally in Chinese: http://www.caca8.net/zi/py/ — single characters http://www.caca8.net/ci/ — words ...

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