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It used to be quite local in the northeast, but now gets used all over the places. It can mean showing off, attracting attention deliberately, and/or doing something without considering the impact. It's an informal but quite popular word now.


I believe the core of the meaning is overly expressive with gallantry or proudness. Although the most common usages are when guys showing off in front of girls, it can be used in other contexts as well. For example if someone keeps talking proudly about some small deed to his friends, they may react with '你今天怎么这么嘚瑟?', which could be a neutral question, or ...


Show off is one meaning. As far as I know, it can also mean being cocky/arrogant. Can also be used in a joking way.


When you are talking about 成都话, the first tone (阴平) follows the following rules: 1) The regular case for the first tone is 45. When you are reading a single character, you should use 45. 2) When the character is part of a phrase or a sentence, it may change. Specifically, when a first tone character A is preceded by another first tone character B, A is ...

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