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One possibility would perhaps be: 住在X城但是香港一直在我的心中


If the context is informal you could use the following: 你说什么? Literally translated it means, "You said what?". However, it figuratively translates to, "What did you say?".


one could also say 请重复, which means "please repeat".


Since you are using the reference "dong gua tong" (冬瓜湯, white gourd soup), I assume the restaurant owner is a Cantonese speaker. The following are some commonly used responses to express your gratefulness from receiving a gift in Cantonese/Mandarin. The last two are not quite suitable in your case. They are generally used when you receive something which is ...


There's no real special phrase for this situation, unlike English's "I beg your pardon". Therefore, anything conveying the sense of "please repeat" or "I didn't hear" works. For instance, as is increasingly the case in English as well, normally you could just say "what?", 什麼?. To be a little more preciser, as well as polite / less familiar, you could say ...

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