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The other answers covered the translation part. I am going to give my two cents on the culture side. Is there a set-phrase that is often used to express this idea? I don't think so, because traditionally Chinese don't really respond that way. If someone is 'predicting' your order, he's really saying 'I know what you like' as a gesture of intimacy, ...


我就這麼好猜嗎? (Am I so predictable?) 我有這麼好猜嗎? (Have I so predictable?) 難道我的預測? (Maybe my forecast?) -- We always put 真的 and 是 together, but there's no really answer, it's just an habit(?), so it should be 我點的菜"真的是"經常一樣嗎?


You can use 我點的菜真的是經常一樣嗎? It means "Am I always ordering the same thing?". The Google Translate one translated back to English means "Really, my predictions?".

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