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There are several ways to say it: Polite: 请问,你是哪位? Qǐng wèn (May I ask), nǐ shì (you are) nǎ (which) wèi (identifier for people/position) May I ask, who is this? 您好, 您找谁? Nín hǎo (hello), nín (polite form of you) zhǎo (looking) sheí (who)? Hello, whom are you looking for? 喂,请问您是谁? Wei ("hi"- typical way people answer the phone), qǐng wèn nín ...


Well, avoid the exclamation mark. 請保持安靜! Please keep quiet! 安靜! Quiet! 小聲點! Lower your voice! 請小聲點! Please lower your voice! These from the above are a little commanding in tone, especially the second and third. You may change the tone by switching to a request rather than a command. 能否請你安靜 is relatively better. I usually go with ...

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