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well, to make a reasonable guess; have a look of 漢語多功能字庫, please. 對 (u+5c0d) is a character since 甲骨文 (oracle bone script), which is composed by component "丵" (u+4e35), "土" (u+571f), & "又 - 手" (又 originally means right hand). 3 pictures of 對 in oracle bone script: then, 丵 in small seal script (i can't find this one in oracle bone script at this ...


施 - Like passers-by to beggars, have means of "succor" 给 - neutral,just give.(daily use) 予 - just give, often combine with 给~,~以(often used in official) 赏 - In the past was superior leadership to her/his subordinate, at present it often used in joke that he/she is your superior, you must take orders from him/her.

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