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The earliest texts with 乒乓 I can find is vernacular novels of Ming dynasty. 《西遊記》 Journey to the West as an example: 如此二三日,又聽得後宰門乒乓乒乓,磚瓦亂響。——Chapter 10 他掄槍舞劍,一擁前來,照行者劈頭亂砍,乒乒乓乓,砍有七八十下。——Chapter 14 乒乒乓乓,好便似殘年爆竹;潑潑喇喇,卻就如軍中炮聲。——Chapter 16 “乒” and “乓” are used together as onomatopoetic in history. :)


"洗尘"usually used with"接风",like "接风洗尘"。 it's come from 明(Ming Dynasty)·凌蒙初(a scholar and offical)《二刻拍案惊奇》第26卷:“虽也送他两把俸金,几件人事,恰好侄儿也替他接风洗尘,只好直退。”(classical Chinese)。 When someone go far,we say "一路顺风"(I wish you a happy voyage),so when visitors come from afar we sad"接风",and after long travel with wind(顺风),there must be dust on visitors。 so we say "接风洗尘"。 ...


In 春秋左傳 (722/468 BCE). http://ctext.org/chun-qiu-zuo-zhuan has the statement 楚失華夏. Huaxia used to denote tribes that later became the Han people, and later the term shifted to symbolize China. Hua is the beautiful clothes worn by the Chinese, xia is for the grandness of the culture. 「中國有禮儀之大,故稱夏;有服章之美,謂之華。」《春秋左傳正義》 References: Wikipedia: Huaxia ...


乒 is onomatopoetic, like bang! or crack! 乓 is a complementary character to 乒, to denote 乒乓 table tennis, ping pong. They are not used in classical Chinese. 乒 may be used in older vernacular texts, but all modern usage is about table tennis, if zdic.net and Wenlin are to be trusted.


It appears in the form 至關緊要 as well as 至關重要, so possibly related to the antonymous phrase 無關緊要 (unimportant or irrelevant). The MOE's 國語辭典 gives an example of 無關緊要 from the novel 鏡花緣 ("Flowers in the Mirror"), which is 清中葉 (early 19th cent.) The claim 至關重要 comes from Lu Yao (1949-1992) is ridiculous; I found an example from the United Daily News (聯合報) in ...


I assume you're looking for how Chinese translated the technical terms, which according to the OED were invented by Oliver Wendell Holmes in 1846. Chinese has early claims for anesthetic compounds a couple of thousand years before this, going back to the hoary Hua Tuo. Wikipedia's article on the history of general anesthesia has a few things about him. ...

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