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I assume you're looking for how Chinese translated the technical terms, which according to the OED were invented by Oliver Wendell Holmes in 1846. Chinese has early claims for anesthetic compounds a couple of thousand years before this, going back to the hoary Hua Tuo. Wikipedia's article on the history of general anesthesia has a few things about him. ...


Hua Tuo's (c. 140–208)innovative anaesthetic mafeisan 麻沸散 "cannabis boiling powder" is a long-standing mystery. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hua_Tuo 麻沸散 claimed to be the first sort of anaesthetic, probably combined with surgical analgesia by acupuncture when in surgical practice. Even the mystery lasts long, I would say neither the 麻醉 or 麻药 is a recent ...

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