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棒 means 'great; awesome'. 棒棒 the repetition basically makes it sound rhythmical and cute. 的 after a repeated adjective in spoken language is a very subtle thing - it slightly changes the meaning from 'awesome' (praising your writing) to 'keep being awesome' (encouraging you). Overall, the difference between (真)棒 and 棒棒的 is like that between '(very) cool' ...


勿 as in "not" is originally a logograph of a signaling flag. It is not the same logograph as the rays depicted in 昜 (which is 日 rì over 𠃓 yáng). It is not uncommon for Chinese characters to have merged similar logographs into one single abstract unit, in the latter case 旦 over 勿. Take for example 易 (yì), which is unrelated to 昜, although its modern ...


棒棒的 is a cute way to say "good", "well" and something like that.


This sentence written this way to expressing one's feeling, and there are different ways to do this. You can understand it as if the person writing is adding in feelings in their words, like using different tones when speaking. From the first part of the sentence, you can tell this approach is self praise style and acting cute whilst doing it. So in this ...

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