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No. The Cyrillic script is based on the Greek script, and some other local scripts like Hebrew. The basis for sha is thought to be the Hebrew letter ש (shin). ש It's unlikely that shin is based on the Chinese character, either. It seems taken from the Phoenician alphabet, where the corresponding letter looks like a Latin W. It's worth keeping in mind that ...


It's really a 琼瑶 question! My experience is that the term used by those can't pronounce 儿音 like 真棒儿,真带劲儿 instead they can only say each separately 真-带-劲-儿. I used to have a friend from Taiwan, for the life of her, she could not say 一会儿 the way we say in mandarin.


Has "管理 = manage" something to do with plumbing, making pipes or taking care of them? No. 管理 is simply a modern combination of two related verbs for the Western concept of "management". 管, as a verb, carries a heavy connotation of restriction and setting rules. 理, as a verb, carries the meaning of intervening or acting. As far as I know 管 is a ...

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