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The earliest reference i can make is a chapter "Nei Ze" in a book "Liji" (See http://ctext.org/liji/nei-ze). The word "sitting the month" has been replaced by "the month of confinement", "坐月子" by "月辰".


Not sure if this is directly translated from the English or not but: 撞死比撞伤强 And 宁撞死毋撞伤 Or 宁撞死 勿撞伤 I would go with the last one. There's this Sina article from '06 交通肇事潜规则:宁撞死毋撞伤? http://news.sina.com.cn/s/2006-12-24/123010849978s.shtml?from=wap Talking all about it. As for context, like the title of the article says above its really ...

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