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Usually Chinese people say 我觉得 or 我感觉, meaning "I feel": 我觉得你的英语比我的中文好。 我觉得今晚一定会很棒。 我感觉他们会否决我的提议。 Or you can use the structurally similar 我有一种感觉. It sounds more lyrical, and is less commonly seen: 我有一种感觉,那就是今晚一定会很棒。 我有一种感觉,如果我你逃课的话,老师发现会很生气的。 -- "I got a bad feeling about this" is a different thing. If the thing has not happened, then it's usually ...


Actually there are no exact equivalent in Chinese. The accepted answer only explained it literally and didn't get the culture background across. I think the closest one you can get is 装逼犯. 装逼 means show off your knowledge that everybody knows. 犯 means prisoner. (People hate 装逼 so much. Some even say that it should be considered as a crime. Hence they ...


When someone says or explains something obvious to other people, they usually say "显而易见", which means "it is obvious to everyone" or "it is easy to see".


I couldn't think of any generally accepted expression in Chinese. Usually, people would just exchange eyes or say something like "原来是这样啊,我还没明白呢" in sarcasm. "I didn't get the joke at first place, THANK YOU!" "为了解释清楚,你也是蛮拼的" in sarcasm as well, "You really try hard on explaining to us."

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