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There is no exact equivalent of the English "oops" in Chinese. This is mostly because "oops" is a special English word, with an uncertain etymology but one theory is that it derives from "upsy-daisy". It is special because it is only used to express a mistake; I think you'll find that many other languages also don't have an exact equivalent of "oops". ...


Sichuanese does have an equivalent of oops. 哦呵(儿) 成都话方言词典 Sichuanese pinyin: o3 ho4 Pronunciation: [o⁵³ xo²¹³] 叹词。表惊异或惋惜 ▷~! 新盆子打烂了! interjection. diplays astonishment or regret ▷oops! (I) broke the new wash basin! I, personally, prefer the 儿化 pronunciation which would be something like: o4 her3 in mandarin pinyin. It can be written a ...


哎呀(oh) 啊(oh) 哇(oh) 不(no) 我靠(shoot) 我肏(fuck) shit/fuck(Yes, they're used in colloquial Chinese because they can express the same idea as 我靠 and 我肏 but they're "politer".)

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