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"你好,北京" is usually said by one come to Beijing the first time becaurse Beijing is a new friend to him. However, "北京,你好" is usually used by one has lived in Beijing for many years and he treats Beijing as his old friend.


There is no difference between the two expressions.


Both are correct!! 你好,北京 is more like a casual greeting, e.g. Hello World! :D 北京,你好 is more like a greeting with a touch of respect, because you address the name first. Examples are, 张老师,你好 (Teacher Zhang, hello).


不见不错 - there doesn't seem to be a reference to this phrase to be found... perhaps you could indicate where you saw this? 不见不散 - used to indicate a firm commitment to an appointment, in the sense that if we don't see [不见] each other then we will not leave/scatter [不散] (i.e. keep waiting). If it is to another person and you want to make sure the other ...


不见不散, not see not walk, "wait for me, don't leave" 不见不错 is not an everyday phrase. Maybe it is meant to mean 见不到也没事, "If you don't see me (there) don't worry."


不见不错 is gobbledigook. 不见不散 means that you will in fact agree to meet someone, that you are really committed to it. See you later is 再见 or 回头见.

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