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I couldn't think of any generally accepted expression in Chinese. Usually, people would just exchange eyes or say something like "原来是这样啊,我还没明白呢" in sarcasm. "I didn't get the joke at first place, THANK YOU!" "为了解释清楚,你也是蛮拼的" in sarcasm as well, "You really try hard on explaining to us."


I believe "吃了没" is more elder than 你好啊? I'm born and raised in China and when I see a friend I just say "Hi" or "Hay" They can get it whether they can speak English.


Like "How are you" in English, those are old fashioned. Unless you write to some one or making a poem? You can just say "吃了没" which is more common and native.


Usually people just say 你好 because, well, it's just the common way. I don't think there are any reasons. 你好啊 sounds like talking to babies, or if you are greeting someone who is some distance away and you want yourself to be heard. 你——好——啊—— 你好吗 is a direct translation of "How are you?" It is only used by Chinese when one really wants to know what is going ...

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