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You heard it right and all above answers are correct. But I'll just translate 慢点儿阿 in this context (as a lot more cases) as "take care".


You were totally hearing it right. It is "慢点儿啊". Usually people rush and get into troubles, so don't rush, take it slow and you will get back safely. I would assume you heard this in the northern part of China. It's not just shops, people would say the same to their guests when they leave. However, it's just a saying, being polite. Like in the UK, people ...


慢走 is a polite language usually used for someone is leaving, has two implicit meaning: I don't want you to leave, so please leave slowly, so I can stay a litter longer with you. Don't be hurry, take care. 慢点儿 has the same meaning, but not formal as 慢走, and sounds more affable.


I've heard 慢走 plenty of times and 慢点儿 seems very similar. It’s just a polite thing to say that means something like 一路平安. They don't literally mean to walk slower.

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