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Before simply answering "there is such a font", I would like to seriously suggest you should not differentiate a dot and a slash. The reasons are: Many Chinese people don't distinguish them when writing, even calligraphers. We care about "fast" and "beautiful". The standard glyphs among mainland, Taiwan/Hong Kong, Japan and Korea, are usually ...


You can download them at: http://www6.flash8.net/font/2933.shtml (traditional) http://www6.flash8.net/font/4101.shtml (simplified) If you like this kind of style, you may also be interested in 鋼筆書法


There is no standard text, but there is sometimes the need for something equivalent (i.e. a body of text to see how typesetting looks). Sometimes this is referred to as 乱数假文. Your exact question has been asked and answered in Chinese here: http://www.zhihu.com/question/19708165 , if you want to read more. You can also find a tool for generating such texts ...


I think you should use a fuzzy system instead of a strict one. The difference between 點(dot) and 捺(slash) is not always obvious even to native user. For example, in lower right corner of the character 木, the stroke is a slash, but when we writing the character 林, the slash become a dot in the left 木. Why? because there is no room to put a full slash there. ...


as Stumpy Joe Pete said, you'll be hard pressed to find a font that works in all cases, and that you may want to look into a browser extension that highlights, magnifies, and explains the character you've hovered over. I recommend Pera Pera Kun: http://www.perapera.org/ They have extensions for FireFox and Chrome. Here's a snapshot: I have never seen ...


I've looked for a similar font (with pinyin on top, or bottom) and have not found anything. There are a lot of naysayers on this thread, and I'm not sure why. Such a font would be extremely useful, even given the limitations. Creation of such a font would be automatic using publicly available databases, and even if the original fonts were copyrighted, one ...


There are a lot of grids available Hanzi Practice Sheets II and a free customizable one here Hanzi Practice Sheets. There is also Arch Chinese.

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