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After having done several researches and having looked at your answers, I merged them and I finally got to a solution, that I will share. Hanazono is undoubtedly the best free and commercial-use friendly font to display simplified Chinese yet its rendering is not perfect: it often gets blurry on desktop devices, while it's pretty sharp on mobile ones. So I ...


You may want to try WenQuanYi bitmap fonts. http://wenq.org/en/


If you are using Windows (XP, Vista, 7, ....), you can install the Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese Support. Then you will have fonts like MingLiU, Kai and SimSun.


Unsurprisingly the Japanese do this better. Hanazono have an excellent, free, font: About Hanazono font This font is a free kanji font. The KAGE system1, Clipper2, FontForge[3] and TTX[4] are used to create this font. All glyphs in this font are from GlyphWiki[5]. List of included characters This font contains about 90,041 characters ...

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