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Stan's answers are great, but assume NATIVE speakers. As a newbie, and assuming GRAYSCALE (I personally find it hard to read anything lower than 16x16)... If you are using an OLED display that is only capable of monochrome, I think newbies will need MUCH higher (at least 24x24).


There is such handwriting in calligraphy works of Tang Yin (唐寅, also well known as 唐伯虎, Tang Bohu, 1470-1524, Ming Dynasty). I found some pictures of his writing, 《落花诗册》. I marked the related characters with a mark to the right. The genuine writing is now in Suzhou Museum, Jiangsu Province.


This is a common 略字 (abbreviated character) used in Japan mostly for handwriting.


it ought to be 门(U+95e8), the simplified of 門, somehow your browser used a japanese font for font substitution. if you manually change the display font, it should change back to 门. i think that it's not a case of variant character.


It might be the written form of this character in some other regions. This is more likely to be a locale problem on your browser. Chinese characters (a.k.a CJK unified ideographs in Unicode) are not only used in China. In different regions, the same characters can be written in different shapes. Fonts for Chinese character is those regions will reflect ...

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