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“哀伤” is usually a noun, while “悲伤” and “悲哀” are usually adjective. “哀伤”, “悲伤” both could mean severe sadness, and are often used in the context that one has lost someone he loved or something he valued. 任何语言都无法形容他失去亲人的哀伤。 No words could describe the sorrow of losing his family. 刚刚失去亲人的他看起来十分悲伤。 Having lost his family, he looks very sad. ...


Let me tell you, 悲伤 is pure sadness and can be used widely, 哀伤 also means sadness but usually be used in poems and essays for emphasis, 悲哀 is a little bit sadness but more showing pity or regretful.


I don't think that is the case. 悲哀 is perhaps used more often, which gives the feeling that it is less formal.. But if you asked me, I would say they are interchangeable and convey the same feeling. On the other hand. Some might say they differ in severity. 哀伤 悲伤悲哀 decrease in degree of sadness. But the difference is so subtle and subjective that I don't ...

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