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Other than 成语接龙,I've played another word game of 成语. First,given a special topic, e.g. 数字(number)、生肖(Chinese Zodiac) etc, then name one 成语 related to the topic alternately. If you cannot think of a new one in your turn, you lose. E.g. the topic is 生肖, I start with 鼠目寸光, then you say 对牛弹琴, then a third person would go with 如虎添翼, and so on. If one couldn't ...


In recent months there has been a CCTV game show called 中国成语大会, where contestants play a game which could be called "chengyu charades": contestants form pairs where one must provide spoken hints without saying any character in the chengyu, and the second must guess the chengyu. This show had a precursor: 中国汉字听写大会 or Chinese Characters Dictation Competition, ...

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