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I don't play this game, so I could not guarantee the correctness, I just search it for you. Maps (http://tieba.baidu.com/p/2088067025?see_lz=1) 01_卡累利阿_karelia 02_马林诺夫卡_malinovka 03_坎帕尼亚_campania //已变为幼儿园专用图 04_锡墨尔斯多夫_himmelsdorf 05_普罗霍洛夫卡_prohorovka 06_安斯克_ensk 07_拉斯威利_lakeville 08_鲁别克_ruinberg 10_湖边的角逐_hills 11_穆勒万卡_murovanka 13_埃勒斯堡_erlenberg ...


During Chinese New Year there is 猜灯谜 also called 射虎台。The idea is to deduce people, places, etc from phrases. Here's a 青少年学生-level example from this web page: http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_4a43c9370100zf31.html The phrase is 燕姿顿觉终日闲。The answer is 孙悟空。 “燕姿” is 孙, because "孙燕姿", Stephanie Sun, a Singaporean singer well-known in east Asia's Chinese ...

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