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Should be 这个周末见, or just 周末见, don't say 末见这个周. And yes, no need to throw in a 你.


As stated in another answer, it should be 这个周末见 (which emphasizes that it is this weekend) or 周末见. 末见这个周 is incorrect, because it breaks up 周末: the characters comprise the word for "weekend" and must be together. So it must be that 周末 and any qualifers (here possibly 这个) must be before 见. I could imagine 你 being thrown in as an object, but it is ...


They have pretty similar meaning and almost interchangeable in daily conversation but there are subtle differences between these three words. 可以 means you can do something 能 is used when you want to emphasise you have the ability to do something 会 means you are not only able to do it but do it proficiently There are a few examples: 我可以说中文 I can speak ...

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