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甲is the first stem of Celestial or Heavenly Stems. We use 甲 as 第一(NO.1) or 顶级(top). Hence, 桂林山水甲天下 means 桂林山水天下第一。 甲天下 means best in the world or No.1 in the world Anohter example, Lega Serie A is the top football league in Italy, which is translated as 意大利甲级联赛。


"都 ... 了" is a common structure. That means "... have done" or "it's [time] now" and is always used when the speaker is not satisfied or just angry. (1) It has a implicit meaning of blame for what you are doing. Example: 天哪,都八点了你怎么还没去上课? -- Gosh! It's 8 o'clock but you haven't go to school yet? (2) But sometimes we also use it when the speaker ...


In the context ,都 is not refer to "all"。 "都...了" represent the level has already too high。


都。。。。。了 basically emphasize the current state. Like 「我都已經開始做飯了,你們怎麼吃零食?」 (I started cooking, how come you are still eating snack?). In this case, cooking is not completed, yet you can still use 都。。。。。了. In essence, it is same as 「我已經開始做飯,你們怎麼吃零食?」, without 都。。。。。了 (I started cooking how come you are still eating snack?) Bear in mind that Chinese normally ...

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